Monday, August 25, 2008

New Mug

A new mug - plucked from the shelves of the Ballard Value Village and painted the next day. It's a milk glass Anchor Hocking, the perfect size for a morning french press coffee with a pinch of half & half.

To the upper left of the painting you can see the ball of acrylic Jaime and I have been accumulating. It's much easier to wait for the paint to dry on our palettes and peel it off than to wash them, and we decided to take all of the excess scraps and make a multicolored mass. Maybe one of these days we'll cut it open and take a peek at the vortex of muddled colors inside, or keep it going as long as possible and see how big it'll get. Below the painting you can see the paint-smattered Trader Joe's bag I've been using as a table cover.

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